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tv   Tucker Carlson Tonight  FOX News  March 14, 2023 5:00pm-6:00pm PDT

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it, my tkpwar her refusal to take out the trash. tucker's up next. always remember. i'm waters and this is my world. >> tucker: good evening and welcome to tucker carlson. most people got poorer during the covid lockdowns. they're finding out now, unfortunately. but the tech companies got a whole lot richer. politicians forced the entire population indoors at gun point to millions of people had no choice but to live out their lives in the lonely hell of the internet. that turned out to be a disaster for america as rising suicide
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rates still attest. but in silicon valley it made for an epic pay day. it was soon reflected on the balance sheets of its biggest local lenders which was called silicon valley bank. in 2018, svb had about $49 billion on deposit. three years later that same bank had amassed more than $189 billion. that is a gargantuan amount of deposits over a short period of time. dramatic enough to have raised a serious question and an obvious one. what was silicon valley bank gonna do with all that money? even the san francisco bay area, it would be hard to find qualified borrowers for $189 billion. you could not responsibly loan all of that money even if you wanted to. so what would you do with it? that's the question you would have asked if you were paying attention, both from inside svb or the regulatories action. turns out nobody was paying attention.
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nobody thought to ask for questions. we thought stress test silicon valley bank in the middle of a room. with a narcissism complex who talked about your ultramarathons and climate change. if the central bank handed you trillions of dollars free with no strings attached. you would party like it was 1999. or to update the reference, you would virtually signal like it was 2023. you would spend hundreds of millions of dollars saying what a good person you are. signature bank was shut down by federal regulators on sunday because it posed an imminent threat to the entire financial system. its demise marked the third largest bank collapse in american history.
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why did signature bank fail? we can give you the technical math based answer but here's the real reason. signature bank failed because it was corrupt. that's a strong charge. how do we know that? simple. its directors gave barney frank a board seat. frank is the same person who was a member of congress from massachusetts wrote the banging regulations imposed on signature bank and all the other banks after the '08 collapse. barney frank has never had a real job. he has spent his entire life in politics. the only reason that signature bank hired him is because he once regulated signature bank. now if we were looking at a foreign country, we would describe it as, what? a payoff. people ran signature bank, the so called bankers, did not seem to spend a lot of time banking. of course, they didn't need to bank really but a the fed was guaranteeing them a never ening
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torrent of cash. here's shot shay, the chairman of signature bank, welcoming his employees to a meeting of the bank's critical pride council. this video is from last september, minutes from signature bank slipped beneath the waves. and self-described gender queer transmasculine person. >> i'm scott shay, chairman of signature bank. it is a pleasure for me to welcome you to this multimedia, multispacial meeting of the pride council. and i'm just thrilled that there are about 40 people in the room. i understand there's something like 190 people at watch parties. so how do you all at the watch party? >> the most common pronouns are she and he. becoming much more common, i don't know if there's anyone in
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the signature bank world but probably you have clients who use they/them as pronouns. they are gender neutral on purpose. we talk about people who don't intentionally identify as male/female. z is another gender neutral pronoun and the other part of that would be hir, spelled hir. >> tucker: scott shay is just thrilled to pronounce the pronoun expert and to host watch parties so we all can watch him explain. what do they pay that guy? what did they pay that guy? how much would they have to pay you to swallow your dignity? to completely eliminate the possibility that your children would ever respect you in order to put on a performance that embarrassing? probably a lot. we don't know what he was paid. clearly a lot. clearly the bank got a lot of money. transopponent experts are not cheap at all but signature did have a lot of cash. of course but a the federal reserve was printing it.
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they got the first pass. this is what low interest rates for 13 years mean. this was going on for years. here signature bank's music video. did you know banks made music videos? of course they did. they didn't know what else to do with the money. this is from 2011. ♪ you need a signature show your clients what you're worth make them go ah, ah, ah ♪ ♪ now that you are at signature come on let your conscious burst make them go ah, ah ♪ >> tucker: sorry. dance party at signature bank. bank. like there was banking going on. it was a dance party with pronouns. that's not the only video from
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signature bank like that. you can go online and find many others including their broadway inspired sketches. you could spend all day watching the videos. it's not just signature. fact, ran signature was repullive, but he's not alone. no one at any of these banks seem to spend a lot of time banking which a lot of us believe was the core business of the bank. at silicon valley bank only a single member of the board had any experience at investment banking. the rest were silly rich ladies. the daily mail reports every other member of the board was an obama and clinton megadonor. one silly rich lady was such a sensitive soul, she had to go to a shrine to pray when president trump won election in 2016. lot of fashionable rich girl
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politics under way at silicon valley bank. they had no head of risk management for nine months in the year before it collapsed. get someone wasn't paying attention. they are visiting shrines and having dance parties with the pronouns. silicon valley bank u.k., the u.k. arm of silicon valley bank, did have a head of risk management. he was called jay ersapa. she talked mostly about herself because it's so, so fascinating to talk about yourself. me, me, me. enough about risk management, i want to talk about me. at one point she described herself as a queer person of color. narcissism is so much more fun than banking. the risk manager was working hard on lbgqt plus plus plus plus rights. how did that end? how does it work if you run a
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bank like this? people just talk about themselves and their identities as if those are interesting topics? well, this week silicon valley's u.k. branch sold for the fully publicly disposed sum of $1. $1 for the bank. but as you would imagine, the bank where nobody cared about risk management, the class was pretty entertaining for the rest of us. course there's a tragedy that im imperiled the economy. this is a video they put out days before they went under. >> i think there's a big disparity between the investments and black led company than other companies. >> we want to help close the latino wealth gap. >> more entitled people talking about themselves. let's talk about me an my identity! banking is boring. feds got that covered. is this starting to scare you,
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this is what banks are actually like? we don't want to alarm anybody or get censored by senator mark kelly who said he does not want you complaining about banks. we should tell you it's not just signature svb. jp morgan, the biggest bank in the world we think, one of the few banks that consumers still have some confidence put in, put out a whole video about how they give out money not on the basis of economics or math, but on the basis of irrelevant characteristics like your appearance. they're judging the book by its cover. watch. >> summer 2020 highlighted longstanding inequalities particularly among the black, list panic and latino communities that have had a significant impact on our country. at jp morgan chase, a key goal is to help break down systemic barriers that have created profound disparity. that's why we committed $30 billion to provide resources and
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opportunities for our black, hispanic and latino communities. we've invested more than $100 million in minority owned banks across the country and are building a more equitable and representative work force. we're committed to racial equity. >> tucker: wait a second! am i getting a moral lecture from a bank? from a bank, really? a bank is telling america how to live, describing americanism. where's the left, by the way? in the 1930s the last great depression, nobody would have sat still from a moral lecture delivered by a bank. but they're very common now. why? welsh little history. after 2008, a movement emerged called occupy wall street. at the time it was the cutting edge of left wing social activism. it did seem kind of organic. most of these things are completely fake, like blm,
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obviously orchestrated. occupy wall street seemed real, angry people. some people from occupy wall street turned their attention to the head of jp morgan. of course, jamie dimon. they went to his office, held signs outside for 24 hours a day. they hassled other presidents of banks. everybody in the media decided occupy wall street was boring. anything about economics was boring. who cares about carried interest? what's that? what we really want to talk about, they told you, is racial oppression and your role in it. and so we got a lot of that only for like 12 years now. an endless parade of lies about this or that, police shootings, they're everywhere. everyone is getting killed by the cops. hands up, don't shoot! remember that? we're all still talking about that nonsense, ripping the country apart along racial lines. guess what we're not talking
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about? banks. banks. they deeply appreciate that. maybe that's why this blm rioters torch major cities. democrats who took big money from big banks knelt in reverance to blm. >> we are here to honor george floyd. in a moment, we will have a moment of silence, actually eight minutes and 46 seconds of silence in honor of george floyd and so many others who lost their lives by police brutality. for those who wish to, we will now kneel for our moment of silence. >> tucker: so great. what does everybody in that frame have in common? all have robes on.
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they are all bank shields. shields for finance. every one of them, particularly the utterly soulless nancy pelosi. she'll say anything on behalf of the bank. the banks love this. they want to make sure it continues. that's why according to amazing new analysis from the clermont institute, silicon valley bank spent more than $73 million on donations to blm and related organizations. wow! this is not personal funds. apparently these are bank funds. would be kind of nice to have that money now. it's hard to argue even in retrospect. even though svb failed, that was a bad investment. even now as banks are collapsing no one is quick to condemn banks. even if they were to openly profiteer from a war in eastern europe that's killing hundreds of thousands of people. turns out they are. we know that because zelenskyy, the president of ukraine, and a very close friend of banks in black rock is bragging about it.
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watch. >> it is obvious that american business can become the commodity that will once again boost forward our global economic growth. we have already managed to attract attention and have corporations with such giants of the international financial and investment world as black rock, jp morgan, goldman sachs. >> tucker: we're getting moral lectures from the banks and we're getting a lecture on capitalism from some ukrainian in a sweat shirt. okay now! macro maiven joins us to untangle the mess. you are one of the great people who called this early and said they will be tragic in distorting facts of flooding the american economy with fake money from the federal reserve. i think you were right. >> yeah. well, it was hardly a radical
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conclusion to draw when you slather on layers of debt on an economy and encourage people to take reckless risk and then you ratchet up interest rates at the fastest rate in history. god knows the surprise is that it took this long for the bodies to float to the surface. honestly, tucker, the sinking thing is particularly remarkable because of the level of impunity that the banks evidenced. you talked about this whole diversity equity inclusion and the woke agenda and this idea that banking doesn't need to be boring. used to want to get away from the banker at the cocktail party. now he's throwing confetti and he has a lamp shade on his head and is the life of the party. the reality is these problems at silicon valley bank and signature, their pursuit of these woke agendas may make them, let's hope, exceptional. hopefully, these ideas aren't
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pervasive to the entire banking sector although they very well may be. ultimately the entire banking sector did the same thing. that is they watched their deposit base wither over the last 12 months while the fed was raising interest rates. people like you and me looked at it and said, why am i putting my money in the bank and getting zero when i can buy a treasury bill and get 3%, 4%, 5%. their deposit base was shrinking at the same time all those assets that they held that you talked about last night, the treasuries and whatnot, were declining in value. and they sat there and did nothing about it, tucker. they didn't just do that for one month or two months which might be excusable. but six, nine months go by and the problems are getting worse and worse and they did nothing. why did they do nothing? because they knew all along when this date came, the bailout would be there for them. so the impunity of this banking system is beyond. they've been taught there are no
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consequences from mismanagement and this ridiculous, you know, woke priorities. when someone comes in and presents a business idea and wants a loan, you should be looking at whether it's a viable business model, not whether it's some sweaty teenager in a hoodie with some hair brained scheme that you can throw money at without consequence. this is where we are. sadly, i think we're just at the beginning of this because the companies that svb and these other banks length money to are all going to go belly up just like the clients of svb started to do. >> tucker: hopefully, they'll spare us the moral lecture. they pay half the tax rate we do in most cases. stephanie pomboy, thank you for coming on. >> thank you. >> tucker: last night we showed you a shocking video from within stanford law school. it showed someone who identified as a, quote, diversity dean
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lecturing a sitting federal judge who is a serious person, on the quote, harms that he caused. that video got us thinking about the state of colleges and universities in this country. why are there so many diversity deans and why are they like this? the former diversity director was removed from her role for questioning the school's anti-racist policies. she joins us now. thank you very much for coming on. tell us your story, if you would. it's shocking honestly. i think it tells us a lot about the state of higher education. >> well, thank you, tucker. i was hired on at bianca college in 2021 as faculty director of an office of equity, social justice and multicultural education. this was my life long dream of a ten year faculty leadership position. i thought that i would be afforded the academic freedom and freedom of expression that's available to every faculty
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member. what i discovered was that as i started to enact my teaching approach, which i was very transparent about when i was hired on. what i seek to do is bring together people of diverse and divergent perspectives and identify points of commonalty between those so we can best serve our students. as i began to do that work, there was a severe backlash from some of the extremists on the campus who identified themselves as woke and as aligned with critical social justice ideology. they attacked me viciously. they subverted my tenure review process to do so. it saddens me as someone who benefitted from california community colleges as a foundation to who i am today to see the state that we are in and to see the tenure review process misused and abused by individuals for reasons of not
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wanting to have multiple p perspectives and critical thinking which is part of the mission of california community colleges. >> tucker: i can't think of anything more virtuous than bringing people with different beliefs coming together. i have a feeling the divergeant viewpoint was part of problem. >> as i did my needs assessment conversation, multiple people did tell me that there was some issues with viewpoint diversity and, you know, certain groups, small groups, but vocal groups of people being really -- as i began to do my work, these individuals were seated on my tenure review committee and they began to attack my work for doing exactly that. you know, i'm someone who i talk about teacher ideology and
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practice. what i'm trying to do through that work is get teachers to become more conscious about the ideologies that they express and embody and enact in their teaching. and that is something that i do -- i don't work from a singular ideological perspective or even promote any particular ideological perspective. what i'm doing is bringing adult learners diverse opinions and viewpoints and also letting them know there's many ways to do this work, not just one. for not towing the line to a critical justice ideology, i was made a pariah. my work was undermined. my leadership was undermined by key senior leaders and faculty members there. they literally obstructed me from doing my work and i was subjected to censorship and profanity in the tenure review process. it was just something that was
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really hard to see because, you know, as educators, there's a certain level of professionalism and civil discourse that we should engage everyone with, whether they're different from us or not. >> tucker: i hope you sue them into the stone age. so nice of you to come on and tell your story, which is a scary story, but we appreciate it. thank you so much. >> thank you, tucker. i appreciate your time. >> tucker: of course. pretty shocking story from ukraine. zelenskyy, the president of that country, continues to, with force, close churches. the u.s. congress is funding this. why? the biden administration is pushing this. we know why. but americans should know that it's happening. we've got details next.
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>> tucker: last night we told you where the republicans running for president stand on ukraine. no one had asked them so we did. lot of answers where what you would expect. ron disantis said peace should be the objective. if you're a normal person, if you're not a neocon, that seems like totally expected answer.
5:29 pm
why wouldn't you want peace? the neocons were enraged by this. >> why desantis is talking about something far worse. he's talking about trashing the international order. he's talking about dismissing a full scale invasion of a sovereign european nation as a border dispute. this is so reckless. ron desantis basically said, so what, russia is in ukraine? let them alone. doesn't affect us. the narrowness of that vision, the narrowness of his statements it's more than upsetting. it's scary. >> tucker tail is wagging the dog. that's why. look at the forum through which he wanted to give this information. from a host on fox news who has been railing against the u.s. involvement in ukraine. as a national security person from my perspective, it is horrifying to me that you have
5:30 pm
two potential front runners for the republican nomination espousing pro putiny. >> tucker: as a national security person. no, you're a moron. give us the last three successes that your national security policy has born. none? okay. what's interesting is how very much they care. this is what they care about. they claim to care about a lot of things but what they really care about is foreign policy. exactly why they hated trump. they would have put up with anyone but when he criticized the iraq war, he was done. they were very mad that ron desantis took a completely reasonable consistent. liz cheney, desantis is wrong and seems to have forgotten the lessons of ronald reagan. lindsey graham said he could not disagree more. they are mad because now they
5:31 pm
are stuck with, let's see. nikki haley and chris christie. those are their potential candidates for president. so great. and very funny. pedro gonzalez author of contra. he joins us tonight. thank you very much for coming in. tell me you derived a little bit of animal joy from watching the outrage on msnbc and the atlantic magazine, etc. >> well, the talk about trashing the international order does get me excited. i think we also shouldn't be surprised by these neocom guys putting on the pearl necklaces of their wives just to clutch them. when desantis said we should avoid world war iii. it began with people who moved into the conservative camp and hijacked foreign policy and drove the u.s. into one
5:32 pm
disastrous war into another leaving a trail of blood and tears in their wake which is what they call democracy. that's what that term means in practice in the mouths of these war mongers. but, tucker, i think the term neocon isn't accurate because there's nothing conservative about neoconservatives. they're just liberal interventionists. their vision of the world is drag queen story hour here and gender studies caught at kabul university. you'll never see guys like crystal and max boots, kinsinger and french on the front lines of combat in ukraine. they'll never pick up a rifle and go over there. they're too comfortable tweeting outrage about desantis calling for realism in strength. when you accept they are just liberals who want to intervene everywhere it starts to make sense why all these people who used to orbit around the gop have swung behind biden on ukraine. they're just liberals who want to intervene all over the world.
5:33 pm
>> tucker: you make a smart point. sorry i have used it for so long. pedro gonzalez, thanks so much. in order to support joe biden's policy in ukraine, you have to support what the government of ukraine is doing with american tax dollars included cracking down on faithful christians. valencia is closing churches belonging to the ukrainian orthodox church. he said the country needs spiritual independence. he's literally shutting churches and arrests priests and nuns. this is happening on the internet. you can see it if you want. so why are christian leaders in the united states, why aren't they saying anything about it and endorsing it effectively as russell moore and many others have. a reporter with the daily wire joins us. thank you very much for coming on. this seems like a big deal. i can't remember in my life time a european country closing
5:34 pm
churches. why are no christian leaders noticing it? >> it's pretty surprising. when you look at the situation here, they are ejecting monks from an 11th century monastery. there are saints buried beneath this church. you don't see this type of behavior in liberal democracies. so you think those who held zelenskyy out as a particular hero, who cheered him, who assured us this is someone we need to support, we need to throw our support behind as christians would now be questioning his particular actions. we're not seeing that. there's really been total silence as he has begun doing what if in many ways be called persecution of members of the ukrainian orthodox space. why is that silence there? i would even point to the fact that we are not even seeing coverage of it from outlets like christianity today which russell moore is the editor and chief of. that's just some big questions that i have. how can you write so many essays about trump, who hasn't been in office for three years now, but
5:35 pm
really say nothing about what is religious persecution, possibly. ukraine said they have found leaflets but that's all they're pointing to. they found some rubles and leaflets, not weapons, nothing particularly scary. so you have to wonder why the silence? >> tucker: it's absolutely shameful. they're closing churches and arresting priests and christian leaders here say nothing about it. it's genuinely shameful. thank you so much. good to see you. >> thanks so much, tucker. >> tucker: so one man who was at the capitol on january 6th, one of many thousands, saying he's being prosecuted by doj even though he didn't do anything. he was in the building for one minute. he left the second capitol police told him to. we have the footage to prove that. but they destroyed his life anyway. almost nobody has told the world about it. that man joins us next to tell
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>> tucker: one of the things we learned, maybe the main thing we learned when we finally got access to thousands of hours of surveillance footage the january 6th committee had been hiding. some people in the media told you they were terrorists, needed to go to prison, and did go to prison, actually never committed terrorism of any kind. just the opposite. they just wandered through the capitol building. he's hardly the only one. this is video of a man daniel goodwin walking through the capitol through an open door on january 6, 2021 at exactly 3:32 p.m. it was long after the doors were breached. now, we got this video, the one you're watching, from the speaker of the house's office early this month. legal team was all provided this video. in it you can clearly see
5:42 pm
goodwin was inside for less than a minute. when he was asked to leave, he left. there's no dispute about any of that. it's all on tape. but the doj is still trying to send daniel goodwin to prison. in the mean time they have completely wrecked his life. he joins us now, along with his lawyer. thanks to both of you for coming on. first to you, daniel. your story, i think, is similar to the story of many people in your position but just give us a sense of what the federal government has done to you for the crime of wandering around the capitol for one minute and leaving when asked. >> thanks for having me on, tucker. what they've done is, i had to spend about a month incarcerated pretrial and then about a year in pretrial home confinement. i was facing 20 years and now i'm still facing one year.
5:43 pm
>> tucker: you're facing a full year in prison for that. >> that's right. i was in there for less than a minute. >> tucker: just want to be as fair and transparent as possible. is there anything you're leaving out? did you commit vandalism? did you hurt anyone? >> it's actually in the documents that i'ven said i didn't steal anything. i didn't break anything. no, i didn't hurt anyone, anything like that. >> tucker: so i mean, how is what they're doing to you allowed in this country? you seem like a political prisoner. what would be another name for it. >> political hostage. prisoners have rights. they have taken many of our rights away as january 6ers. >> tucker: it's disgusting. carol stewart, you are representing daniel. thank you for that. how common is this story? i strongly sense daniel is not alone in having his life destroyed by the biden administration for not really doing anything. >> yes.
5:44 pm
good evening, tucker. thanks for having me on. also, i just want to point out joe mcbride is working on this case, too, and has been helping. >> tucker: we know him. >> you know him. this is very common. the majority of people -- i have read through many cases -- have nothing violent. they've broken nothing. they were there where they believed they had a right to be. no signs, nothing indicated they could not be there. they are being labeled as domestic terrorists. >> tucker: so this is such an atrocity that i think a lot of people watching, and i just want to say in good faith, we are not holding anything back. this is sum total of the story. how can people help? the media is not covering this. no one in congress seems to care with a few exceptions marjorie taylor green being one of them. but most don't care. how can people who do care make a difference for these -- i'm going to say political prisoners
5:45 pm
because that's what they are. >> first thing is if kevin mccarthy would release all of the footage to the public. the public can research through the footage that's already out there. they can go to stop and see our calls to action which include praying for us, which include fund-raisers to the people. you can make sure the money goes to the people themselves. which includes writing letters to the people who are currently incarcerated. you can also watch documentaries that have been made and the truth, which is going on out there, which is being held back by the gatekeeping media. four people died that day and they were all trump supporters. of course you revealed someone died the next day and it wasn't because of trump supporters. there was a lot of police violence that happened that day. yeah. that needs to be investigated. >> tucker: january 6th i think is probably second only to the 2020 election as the biggest scam in my life time. we know it is because they go completely hysterical when
5:46 pm
confronted with any facts that buck their lie. god speed. thank you. >> thank you. god bless you. >> tucker: so just in case you think we're being hysterical or overstating the case as an assault on civil liberties on the most basic civil rights of all. joe biden is now trying to throw a man in prison for years for mocking hillary clinton voters on twitter seven years ago. that case is about to go to trial. more on it next.
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i had no idea how much i wamy case was worth. c call the barnes firm to find out what your case could be worth. we will help get you the best result possible. ♪ call one eight hundred, eight million ♪ >> tucker: federal criminal trial of a man called douglas mackey began this weekend. single greatest assault on free speech in this country's modern history. the biden administration is trying to send a man to prison for saying things they don't like. they can do it to you, too. during the 2016 presidential campaign, mackey posted memes that made fun of hillary clinton and her supporters. avoid the line, vote from home. that was obviously a joke and everyone knew it was a joke. the fbi, which finds nothing
5:52 pm
else to do, tracked down people who texted that number. none of them even remembered doing it. there's no victim here. no one was fooled by what mackey did. days after biden took office, four years after mackey posted that meme, the feds arrested him. he could go to jail for ten years for that. if you crack a joke on the internet that democrats don't like, federal prosecutors get to decide you're interfering with an election. hard to imagine a more soviet prosecution than this. the doj's key witness is a member of mackey's group chat from seven years ago but doj will not let his lawyers conduct a full cross-examination of the witness because he works for the fbi. the fbi put an agent in his group text. doj just obtained an order precluding questioning by the defense considering the details of any of the confidential witnesses work for the fbi or any other government agency.
5:53 pm
what? the doj was also telling mackey's lawyers they can't even say the name of the witness in open court. that violates the confrontation clause in the constitution. you confront witnesses against you in a free country. but that no longer exists. the doj said if this man's identity is closed he will face online harassment therefore he gets to testify anonphusly. what's incredible is this is not applied to the defense own witnesses. rights only apply to the biden people. yesterday a hatchet at the southern poverty law center, an agency that currently employs at least one suspected domestic terrorist, reached out to a defense witness george holly. the goon also obtained holly's private e-mails and questioned him about them. he threatened to write an e-mail about holly. that's witness intimidation. that's what it is. it worked. holly had to withdraw as a witness. he's not an fbi informant so
5:54 pm
gets no protection. today the judge postponed the trial until next week so the defense can find a new expert. he should dismiss this case with prejudice. everything about it, starting with the charges themselves, to the timing, to intimidation of witnesses violates the constitution. free speech, if the first amendment means anything, it means what is happening to doug mackey is an outrage and should end immediately. we'll be right back.
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>> tucker: we've reached that moment we reach five nights a week where we're completely out of time which is sad. we'll be back tomorrow to shown the sincere enemy of lying, think of the best night with the ones you love. now the great sean hannity. >> hannity: tomorrow conner mcgregor will be on the show. we begin with this fox news alert tonight. reckless aggression in the skies. a u.s. drone operating over international waters above the black sea downed by a russian fighter jet, two of them. two su-27 aircraft. they flew dangerously close to our unmanned drone. putin's thugs when dumped fuel on our drone several times before then finally ramming its propel por and then sending our $14 millionaire craft into the sea below. now, some reports claim the collision was not


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